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Harmony Spa Massage offers a series of relaxing massages right in the heart of Mandurah. Whether you've had a tough day, or you just want to be pampered, we've got the right treatment for you.
Massage therapist massaging woman
We provide a series of massages that caters to all your needs. We are highly trained and guarantee you leaving feeling as relaxed as possible.
Massage therapist massaging woman
We use a wide range of techniques and specialized therapy treatments to ensure you are catered for. Try one of our Chinese Cupping methods for a great experience.
Massage therapist massaging woman
We aim to rehabilitate any body or joint pains that you experience. We try to fully recover and soothe your existing conditions.


Neck and Shoulders Massage

As the majority of body tension lies on the upper body, we isolate the specific areas of your neck and shoulders and focus therapy completely in those areas. This ensures that you receive the most practical massage possible and will be guaranteed to leave happier.

Cupping Therapy

Utilising the ancient Chinese Cupping technique, we temper glass in isolated areas of your body to create a vacuum in order to enhance blood flow. This will also clear the toxins in your body. Enjoy having your body clear itself of poisonous toxins and enhance your blood circulation ten fold.

Deep Tissue Massage with Oil

Our main service applies massage techniques to the deeper layers of the body using our own aromatic massage oil. We aim for body tension relief utilising our hands, thumbs, and elbow and make sure that we ease all of your existing tensions. Intensity level varies based on your personal preference.

Remedial / Rehabilitation Therapy

Our therapies are designed to alleviate any pre-existing sports or movement related muscle tensions in your body. Just tell us about any existing conditions and we will make sure to tend to and recondition the area for maximum comfort.


All of our treatments are priced the same and exclusively based on time. This way the only decision you need to make is what kind of therapy you'd like to receive and for how long!
30 Mins - $45​
40 Mins - $50​
45 Mins - $60​
60 Mins - $80​
90 Mins - $120​

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